Thursday, 22 December 2011

Welcome to web code musing


This is my first ever blog post!  I decided to start blogging as there are quite a few development projects that I want to get going and hopefully when completed or at certain stages of completion I'll put them online so anyone who wishes to use my code can do so, also it would be good to get feedback from people to see if the way I'm developing it would actually be useful to anyone else and if they find any bugs / flaws.

So what kind of projects will I be posting about?  Well as I'm primarily a PHP developer so they'll be mainly PHP based projects, I've put a list below of some of the projects I have in mind.  I'm hoping to get these projects onto somewhere like Google code so I can keep it versioned online and people can easily get hold of the code, if anyone knows of any good places to host code please leave a comment and let me know.

Eventually I'll be moving this blog over to my own domain but I want to code my own Content Management System (CMS) for it so it'll take a little while.  Although I have built custom CMSs before and they don't really take that long it's just with a full time job and having other things to do leave me with only a limited amount of time to do my own projects.

Now that's the introduction over with if you want to know a little about me I'm a website developer leaving in Wiltshire, England but working for a pharmaceutical marketing and advertising company in Hampshire as a website developer and occasionally a designer.  I do take on some smaller freelance work as I don't have much time to do more than that.  I work and have worked with some well known clients like TalkTalk, Marks & Spencer and Durex among others.  In my spare time I tend to do quite a lot of outdoor rock climbing which is pretty much my only sport.  They'll be more on my profile soon for you to read up on if you're really interested (now updated).

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