Monday, 18 June 2012

Almost done! (Version 1 anyway)

It's been a while since I did anything on this project but recently I have been doing stuff and it is so close to version 1 (see the wiki about page on this project) being finished. All that is left to do is testing which I started earlier today while implementing in on a client website, found a few small bugs and thought of a couple of things to add to this version.

What I've done recently

There have been various bug fixes (see the change log for more specifics) I've also added a logout method to the class but all it does is unset a test cookie to test that the user has cookies enabled and destroys the session.

The other bit I've added it is the ability to have an authentication field in the database which can be set to either 1 (authenticated) or 0 (not authenticated) for each user. I added this so if you send a confirmation email out to the user with a link to click which activates their account (a good idea to stop other people signing up with another persons email) then this login class will use that field now, this is optional.

What else to do

The documentation for this project is a little out of date now so before I say it is fully finished I'll be updating that too, the code commenting though has been kept to to date with every change made.

Further reading

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