Monday, 21 January 2013

Upcoming responsive design posts


Again it's been a while since I last made a post but I'm hoping to make much more of an effort this year to post a lot more as I've been trying for the past few months to manage my time better and be more productive, which has been going well so far.

Also hope everyone has had a great New Year and Christmas!


So I thought that I'd write a post about some of the over arching topics I'll be writing about on this blog this year.

Responsive design

Currently I'm re-developing my climbing clubs website so it'll be a better experience for users on smaller screens (like phones) and also for users of larger screens. I'm using responsive design techniques for this and as I'm going through I'll be posting about responsive design related topics, some of which I feel aren't covered in many other blogs or websites.

Once I've finished the website I'll be posting a series of posts about how I started and the process I went through to make the site and a bit about some of the problems I encountered but I'm hoping to cover most of the problems in blogs posts leading up to that series. I'll be waiting until the end of the project so I can write a nice series of posts which all relate to lead onto each other which will be a lot easier once I've finished and know what I'll be writing about from start to finish and I'll be able to post them on a regular schedule as they'll hopefully all be written.

PHP Secure login class

I'm going to finish of my PHP Secure login class soon (I know I've been dragging that out) but I'll be back on it soon, currently working on the wireframe of my climbing clubs website homepage (although I got carried away and have basically built the homepage, so it's not really a wireframe now). I'll only be finishing off the 'version 1' of the project because I want to read up more on OOP and MVC patterns and see what I can learn from those to implement in this project before going much further with it, that's the main reason I've been holding back a little on it.

Following up on previous posts

I've also gone through all my old blog posts recently and corrected a few typos I noticed, added a little bit extra content to some (I've made it obvious in the post what was added & when) and I've also made a list of blog post series which I haven't finished and topics I've stated that I'll write about another time but so far haven't.


The only other thing that I'll be doing is moving this blog over to Wordpress, hoping to get that done this week sometime as I have some really good posts lined up which I hope will generate some comments!