Thursday, 27 February 2014

Usability Testing for Mobile

Recently I read an article from the Neilson Norman Group titled "Usability Testing for Mobile" written by Raluca Budiu and among many useful tips in the article it gave suggestions on what camera equipment to use for recording how the users interaction with the device. Among them was a desktop camera which had a long neck so it could be angled to capture footage of the user interacting with the device but still be out of the way, another was to connect a camera to the device but was partly dismissed a little as it added weight to the device which affected how users used & interacted with it.

Having read that I thought, why not use a head mounted camera? That is one which is mounted on the users head that way you will always get good footage of how the user is interacting with the device without adding the weight to the device or having to restrict them to sitting at a desk. Sure head cameras add weight to the users head but if the sessions aren't to long you don't notice it that much, I speak from experience of using a GoPro camera.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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